Connor Kenway: Best Protagonist

a hug for anyone who can guess one of my top 10 characters!

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so don’t be alarmed that the header pic is cut off, i still have to fix that

it’s been under construction for 4 months now wow

characters in dragon age that should be returning but is/may not

  • zevran 
  • aveline
  • velanna
  • merrill
  • zevran
  • isabela
  • anders
  • sigrun
  • shianni

characters in dragon age that are returning but should not

  • cullen

kendralls i have to run errands i’ll give you eddiewale headcanons when i get back

kendralls have i ever told you that i spent a lot of time during my ac4 replay, trying to make edward and adé kiss

especially after we’ve destroyed a fort. 

and there were people wanting a female assassin who were mad at people wanting a connor sequel

why did i suddenly remember all this

i also remembered i tried talking to someone about the importance of aveline’s disguises as an assassin, a noble and a slave 

and how it’s not just a silly dress up game (they called it a silly dress up game), and how important it is to her identity as a biracial woman who grew up in nobility

and they never replied to me. 

destroyjohnavocado replied to your post “ do you even know the cultural context of the haitian revolution? it…”

I’m actually kind of irritated about that now ugh if you respond to them I’ll be 100% behind you

thanks. of course they all forget there is solidarity

but i’m 100% sure they rather have some white woman running around in Paris than Eseosa in Haiti. 

 do you even know the cultural context of the haitian revolution?

it was a slave revolution, and a successful one too.

eseosa having a game in the haitian rev, is just as important than say some white woman running around in paris

kendralls replied to your post “kendralls replied to your post “then again the same people called…”

That makes me mad because I’m 100% sure this was? a white woman? And radical white feminists who throw the narratives of people of color under the bus make me legitimately angry?

yep i’m pretty sure it was. and iirc, while they praised aveline, they also put her under the bus and asdfas god i hate this.

white feminism is the bane of my existence.