Connor Kenway: Best Protagonist

I never realize colonial mentality within the Filipino community was this bad until now. 

Filipinos in the States telling their kids to erase their Filipino heritage and to try to bleach their skin. I think it happens up here too, just not around my area. Most Filipinos I hang out with don’t mind their heritage, some of them are even proud of it. 

It’s sad they expect you to be paler and fairer when you come home. They expect you to look like an American or a Canadian. They expect you to dye your hair blonde and to be fair. They think once you step into these countries, you will automatically turn white. It doesn’t work that way. Once your skin is brown, it’s brown. Maybe it would be a few shades lighter during the winter months but that it’s highly unrecognizable. 

It’s not that difficult to see me and think I’m from some Latin American country. What? I have an Spanish-sounding last time that’s impossible to pronounce. I have natural dark brown hair and brown skin. 

It’s not something I’m proud of. Why should I? I’m a Filipino and I’m proud to be one. I’m proud to be Asian and to have an Asian culture—with Hispanic influence. Fuck the Fil-Ams who consider us to be Pacific Islanders. Why? If you study Philippine culture and history, it’s closely linked to other Asian countries. In fact, I don’t get why they even do this. Is being a Pacific Islander suddenly better than being Asian? 

Once you have kids with a white man/woman, they expect them to have blue eyes and blonde hair. But we all know genetics don’t work that way. Still, I seen many Filipinos who try to marry white men/women to have a better standing within society. They expect to have that kind of child, I’m sure. 

I’m just glad the Filipinos I’m around with don’t think this way. 

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